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Senior Management
   James P. Brannen
Chief Executive Officer
   Donald J. Seibel
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
   Casey C. Decker
Chief Information Officer
   Nicholas C. Gerhart
Chief Administrative Officer
   Charles T. Happel
Chief Investment Officer
   David A. McNeill
General Counsel
   Daniel D. Pitcher
Chief Operating Officer – Property Casualty Companies
   D. Scott Stice
Chief Marketing Officer
   Raymond W. Wasilewski
Chief Operating Officer – Life Companies

Board of Directors
   Craig D. Hill
   Paul E. Larson
Vice Chairman
   James P. Brannen
   Roger K. Brooks
   Richard W. Felts
   Joe D. Heinrich
   James A. Holte
   Paul A. Juffer
   Kevin D. Paap
   Scott E. VanderWal

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