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(in thousands)     
Interest sensitive product charges 111,575109,770114,584111,92829,201
Traditional life insurance premiums 180,944183,300190,956196,91448,434
Net investment income 370,651382,082391,149404,170100,994
Net realized capital gains (losses) on sales of investments 15,9673,76011,0623,106(403)
Total other-than-temporary impairment losses (6,662)(822)(719)(7,320)(66)
Non-credit portion in other comprehensive income 4,25001462,4510
Net impairment losses recognized in earnings (2,412)(822)(573)(4,869)(66)
Other income 14,50614,84915,63115,1653,760
Total revenues 691,231692,939722,809726,414181,920
Benefits and expenses 
Interest sensitive product benefits 203,599211,540217,443238,58662,760
Traditional life insurance benefits 160,471162,876176,145177,68242,954
Policyholder dividends 13,31912,01211,82810,5742,553
Underwriting, acquisition and insurance expenses 138,260138,258143,668135,96734,353
Interest expense 6,8634,7074,8504,8501,212
Other expenses 18,41416,44517,50716,9664,151
Total benefits and expenses 540,926545,838571,441584,625147,983
Total 150,305147,101151,368141,78933,937
Income taxes (49,322)(47,335)(47,418)(46,010)(10,733)
Equity income, net of related income taxes 7,41010,1039,52311,4403,231
Net income 108,393109,869113,473107,21926,435
Net (income) loss attributable to noncontrolling interest 16572544(2)
Net income attributable to FBL Financial Group, Inc. 108,558109,941113,527107,22326,433
Earnings per common share 4.254.424.554.291.05
Earnings per common share - assuming dilution 4.214.394.534.281.05
Cash dividend per common share 0.521.41.61.680.44
Special cash dividend per common share
Net income 108,393109,869113,473107,21926,435
Other comprehensive income 
Change in net unrealized investment gains/losses (169,894)142,121(146,579)38,07715,861
Non-credit impairment losses (2,690)0(90)(1,476)0
Change in underfunded status of postretirement benefit plans 1,798(2,778)2,791(1,578)182
Total other comprehensive income, net of tax (170,786)139,343(143,878)35,02316,043
Total comprehensive income, net of tax (62,393)249,212(30,405)142,24242,478
Comprehensive (income) loss attributable to noncontrolling interest 16572544(2)
Total comprehensive income applicable to FBL Financial Group, Inc. (62,228)249,284(30,351)142,24642,476

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