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(in thousands)     
Fixed maturities - available for sale, at fair value 6,081,7536,700,6986,637,7767,008,7907,071,998
Equity securities - available for sale, at fair value 91,555112,623121,667132,968137,316
Mortgage loans 575,861629,296744,303816,471855,497
Real estate 4,0843,6221,9551,9551,955
Policy loans 176,993182,502185,784188,254187,981
Short-term investments 108,67748,58528,25116,34814,264
Other investments 1,0793,6443,0179,87411,495
Total investments 7,040,0027,680,9707,722,7538,174,6608,280,506
Cash and cash equivalents 6,37076,63229,49033,58316,773
Securities and indebtedness of related parties 116,305129,872134,570137,422133,018
Accrued investment income 75,18676,44578,27478,43785,736
Amounts receivable from affiliates 3,1452,6662,8343,7903,361
Reinsurance recoverable 100,001101,247103,898105,290106,131
Deferred acquisition costs 335,514220,760335,783330,324322,138
Value of insurance in force acquired 23,57922,49720,9139,2268,552
Current income taxes recoverable NA02,4214,3090
Other assets 67,26670,28675,81192,02190,831
Assets held in separate accounts 693,955683,033625,257597,072615,892
Total assets 8,461,3239,064,4089,132,0049,566,1349,662,938
Liabilities and stockholders' equity 
Future policy benefits 
Interest sensitive products 4,278,8714,543,9804,764,1595,100,6255,150,113
Traditional life insurance and accident and health products 1,515,1391,581,1381,637,3221,698,7921,710,763
Other policy claims and benefits 45,53034,89544,15743,39544,539
Supplementary contracts without life contingencies 349,761341,955339,929330,232330,869
Advance premiums and other deposits 240,441248,679254,276265,221267,032
Amounts payable to affiliates 4081885758621,481
Short-term debt payable to non-affiliates NA015,000NANA
Long-term debt payable to non-affiliates 97,00097,00097,00097,00097,000
Current income taxes payable 1,4992,764NA01,913
Deferred income taxes 122,839205,698135,063163,495172,675
Other liabilities 71,08972,19684,79281,18287,965
Liabilities related to separate accounts 693,955683,033625,257597,072615,892
Total liabilities 7,416,5327,811,5267,997,5308,377,8768,480,242
Stockholders' equity 
FBL Financial Group, Inc. stockholders' equity 
Preferred stock 3,0003,0003,0003,0003,000
Class A common stock 134,993144,625149,248152,903153,242
Class B common stock 7272727272
Accumulated other comprehensive income 119,067258,410114,532149,555165,598
Retained earnings 787,609846,737867,574882,672860,726
Total FBL Financial Group, Inc. stockholders' equity 1,044,7411,252,8441,134,4261,188,2021,182,638
Noncontrolling interest 5038485658
Total stockholders' equity 1,044,7911,252,8821,134,4741,188,2581,182,696
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity 8,461,3239,064,4089,132,0049,566,1349,662,938

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