• FFG: $68.60

Living Our Values

Living Our Values

We protect livelihoods and futures

We operate in a manner consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards.

  • We are trustworthy and we trust each other.
  • We make decisions that support our purpose and values.
  • We make decisions for the right reasons and communicate effectively.
  • We adhere to high ethical standards and report completely – including bad news.
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable.

We focus on outcomes, report results honestly and provide constructive feedback.

  • We make and keep our commitments.
  • We establish and communicate clear goals and hold ourselves accountable for results.
  • We measure results against objectives and continuously look for ways to improve outcomes.
  • We take ownership regardless of role, responsibility or position.
  • We own our outcomes and do not make excuses.

We put our client/members first, empowering employees to deliver a simple, consistent and compelling experience.

  • We build trust by knowing our client/members and delivering timely assistance that meets or exceeds their expectations.
  • We continuously improve the level of service we provide.
  • We treat others as we expect to be treated.
  • We respond promptly to to requests and resolve issues fairly.
  • We listen to our client/members for insight.
  • We enhance membership value by providing services that meet the unique needs of Farm Bureau members.

We work together to achieve common goals.

  • We commit to an inclusive and team-oriented management process.
  • We collaborate and cooperate across the enterprise.
  • We place the company and the team’s interest ahead of our own.
  • We encourage and constructively challenge each other.
  • We help each other succeed.
  • We embrace a culture of coaching and personal development.

We lead courageously and inspire people by living our purpose and values; by doing what is best for the organization and the people in it.

  • We set clear, understandable objectives and enable people to accomplish them and celebrate achievements.
  • We take action and have the courage to make difficult decisions.
  • We respect each other.
  • We give credit where credit is due and take personal responsibility for the team’s performance.
  • We delegate and empower others.
  • We acknowledge and leverage the differences within our workforce.

We are fully engaged, operate with a deep sense of ownership and demonstrate a high-level of personal commitment.

  • We are fully present in mind and body.
  • We apply energy, urgency, enthusiasm and a relentless focus to everything we do.
  • We perpetuate an atmosphere of continuous improvement throughout the enterprise.
  • We view the outcome of our actions as a learning opportunity.
  • We deliver excellence to all who depend on us.
  • We recognize success and celebrate our accomplishments.